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No Eid for Gaza’s children

Monday 28 July 2014 by Save the Children

Instead of the usual day of celebration, Gaza’s children have woken up today to an Eid marked by death and destruction, with no apparent end in sight. Instead of playing in the streets as they normally do when celebrating the end of Ramadan, thousands of children in Gaza are mourning their parents at the graveyards, hundreds are buried with their families. Instead of experiencing the joy of Eid, these children are now facing uncertainty and despair.

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Gaza: International community has to stop this war on children

Wednesday 23 July 2014 by Save the Children

One Palestinian child has been killed every hour over the last two days. The shocking number of children being killed, injured, or displaced in Gaza demands an unequivocal international response to stop the bloodshed. Entire families are being wiped out in seconds as a result of the targeting of homes. Three weeks into this military offensive, at least 70,000 children have been forced to flee from their homes with their families.

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Gaza: Where evacuation is no game

Tuesday 22 July 2014 by Osama Damo

I’m writing this at 2am from the confines of my apartment. My family and I have been awake since 7am. It is impossible to sleep.

Though the streets below are eerily quiet, the noises we can’t block out are the constant bee-like hum of drones flying around and the terrifying thump of bombs as they smash into and explode on nearby buildings, as well as occasional screams mixed with windows and glass smashing. The air outside is thick with acrid smoke and the taint of explosives. The buildings rattle and shake with every bomb. I have not left our apartment in days apart from hurried trips to get more food; I feel like I am a prisoner here. Each day the situation gets more desperate.

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World leaders must act in 2015: Tutu, Malala and Bono’s stark warning

Friday 18 July 2014 by Save the Children

Today is Mandela Day. Desmond Tutu, Bono, Malala Yousafzai, Graca Machel, Muhammed Yunus and Mo Ibrahim have written a powerful letter to world leaders to make 2015 a transformative year in the fight against poverty, inequality and climate change.

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Jordan: Too young to wed

Thursday 17 July 2014 by Voices of Syria - Jordan

Layla* peers into one of the many bridal shops that line the main shopping street of Za’atari, the world’s second-largest refugee camp.

Barbie-style wedding dresses hang from the tin roof, their plastic gems sparkling in the summer sun.

“It’s not this one, but it was one like it” she says, patting a fluffy white dress.

Layla’s story

She is referring to her own. Layla married six months ago, a few days after her 15th birthday. Her groom was her 22-year-old cousin.

The fear of sexual harassment in the camp and the sense that young girls in particular are vulnerable pushed her parents into marrying her off early. They are not alone.

A common theme among many, bridal shop owner, Mohammad explains. “Many of the girls who rent my dresses are below the age of 18 – usually around 15 years old,” says the shop owner, Mohammad. But, he adds, there have been quite a few who are much younger than that.

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Israel-Gaza: spiralling violence and families living in fear

Wednesday 16 July 2014 by Cat Carter

The spiralling violence in Gaza and southern Israel has meant that families are living in fear as rockets and bombs rain down on them. Children suffer the most in situations like these – our teams on the ground in Gaza report that children are hearing and witnessing terrifying things, putting them at great risk of trauma. Children and families in southern Israel are also terrified by the hundreds of rockets that have landed there.

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Syria: a year’s hard work and now a new UN resolution

Tuesday 15 July 2014 by Andrea Vukovic

For three years,Syria’s children have been suffering as their country is ripped apart by war.

Save the Children and our supporters have been doing everything we can to help get life-saving aid to those inside the country who desperately need it.

Every campaigning victory, big and small, has helped to bring this achievement a little closer.

Thanks to yesterday’s unanimous UN Security Council resolution to authorise cross-border aid convoys into Syria, that goal seems even more firmly within our reach.

And it wouldn’t have happened without you…

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Central African Republic: an impending hunger crisis threatens to overwhelm a country on the brink

Tuesday 15 July 2014 by Cat Carter

Central African Republic is being ripped apart by conflict, neglected by the world.

Children and families are suffering and there’s no end in sight.

Earlier this year, more and more people were beginning to return to their homes.

Then in May, a fresh surge of violence in the capital, Bangui, prompted families to flee once again.

In total, over 500,000 people – many of them children – have been forced from their homes. Without shelter or access to essential services, they are vulnerable to disease, hunger and attacks by armed groups.

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Malala Day: one brave activist girl – but 50 million children still deprived of education

Monday 14 July 2014 by Andrea Vukovic

A young girl has turned a year older and completed another year of school.

This may seem pretty normal but for Malala, it was only a few years ago that neither of those things seemed likely to happen.

Malala’s story is familiar to us all – so much so that she has asked that today, on Malala Day, we focus instead on the stories of millions of other children around the globe who have also shown great courage in the pursuit of what should be a right: a safe, high-quality education.

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Gaza: Where bombs fall like rain

Saturday 12 July 2014 by Osama Damo

It starts in earnest after the sun sets. It is Ramadan at the moment, and here in Gaza we are fasting 16 hours a day. Breaking our fast together at sunset is usually a moment of joy, but not now. With darkness comes death these days. From my home I can hear the sounds of bombs falling in Gaza from Israel and sometimes rockets being launched here in Gaza toward Israel. Gaza is so tiny, the buildings rattle and shake with every bomb.

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