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Nigeria: The terrifying crisis awaiting the new president

Friday 29 May 2015 by Dorothy Sang

Today sees the leadership of Nigeria change hands. Despite fears over election violence, President Buhari will take office with unprecedented goodwill across the country – even from those who opposed him in the election two months ago. The weekend will no doubt be marked by celebrations as a national holiday begins in the country. However the enormous job that the president now has on his hands is where much of the worlds’ attention will focus.

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Nepal: A race against the rains

Tuesday 26 May 2015 by Voices from the field - Asia

My biggest concern is the impending monsoon season. The incessant rain will simultaneously increase the vulnerability of children while making it more difficult for us to reach them. To mitigate this, our team is operating at full tilt.

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Ukraine: “War machines were everywhere”

Tuesday 26 May 2015 by Dan Stewart

It’s 1pm on a Friday but the corridors of a school in Debaltseve, a town in the east of Ukraine that has been the scene of some of the worst fighting of the conflict, are silent.

No children’s footsteps or shouts echo through the corridors. They should be returning to class for afternoon lessons but, by now most will have picked their way through the debris that litters the streets and returned home for the day.

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Access to medicines for all

Friday 22 May 2015 by Mihir Mankad

A new paper from Save the Children argues that the best way to ensure equitable and sustainable access to medicines for all is to include them in well-regulated public health systems under the principles of universal health coverage.

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Doing more and better for the education of children in emergencies

Tuesday 19 May 2015 by Joseph Nhan-O'Reilly

Children living in conflict or emergency-affected areas make up a quarter of the world’s primary school-aged population, yet they represent half of the 58 million children out of school globally. This is a staggering figure – yet is likely to be a significant underestimation…

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World Education Forum: Equity and learning need to be at the heart of the post-2015 agenda

Monday 18 May 2015 by Yousra Semmache

This week we’re participating in one of the most significant events for education in the past 15 years. From 19–22 May in Incheon, Korea, the World Education Forum is gathering world leaders and key stakeholders to reflect on the achievements and pitfalls in the implementation of the Education for All goals and the education Millennium Development Goals agreed in 2000, and help define the post-2015 agenda for education.

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Adolescent Nutrition is critical – and not just on #Foodrevolutionday

Friday 15 May 2015 by Fran Roberts

There are at least 1.2 billion adolescents and young people alive today, more than ever before. It may be clichéd to say they are our future… but it’s true! They really are a critical element to breaking the intergenerational cycle of malnutrition.

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They say UHC is fantasy. Save the Children and GSK say not

Wednesday 13 May 2015 by Simon Wright

Today, an unusual partnership from GSK and Save the Children for Universal Health Coverage releases a new video showing that healthcare for all is not a fantasy.

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Nepal earthquake recovery may take years

Saturday 9 May 2015 by Caroline Anning

Two weeks on from Nepal’s devastating earthquake, in some areas things almost appear to be returning to normal. In the capital, Kathmandu, tourists drawn by the country’s damaged but still impressive heritage and famous mountains are beginning to return, as the rubble is cleared away.

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Charlie the super supporter!

Thursday 7 May 2015 by Sarah Tizzard

Five-year-old Charlie is our Super Supporter for April, after he raised nearly £700 towards our Nepal Earthquake Appeal.

Charlie says: “I wanted to raise money for children in Nepal and Save the Children because lots of children have lost their families and homes have been destroyed. So I wanted to help send them things to make them happy again.”

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