A gift from a Gazan girl

Since the last windstorm that hit Gaza, which took place six weeks ago, I’ve been sleeping along with my wife in the living room – the plastic sheeting covering our bedroom’s windows was removed by the winds. This life created continuous tension inside my home, with non-stop calls by my wife (Arwa) to get the windows repaired by any means regardless of the fact that we have no glass in Gaza because of the blockade.

A lady dries her clothes between two tents - and I worry about windows?
A lady dries her clothes between two tents - and I worry about windows?

This (indoor) pressure comes in line with the daily (outdoor) scenes that I witness during my field work as a Documentation and Communication Officer for Save the Children in Gaza. As part of the job I have just seen a young woman hanging the washed clothes for drying on a rope that was set between two tents in a camp for Palestinians who lost their homes during the recent Israeli offensive. I thought I was having problems for not having windows, while those people do not have HOMES. I just realized that word ‘home’ doesn’t mean an apartment or a back yard, it means much more.

The end of the day was supposed to be in one of the kindergartens benefiting from the Emergency Response of Save the Children in Gaza. I visited this kindergarten before to conduct case studies, and it was a great surprise for me and a gift at the same time to be received by the 5-year-old girl, Jenin, who said Hi Osamaaaa. I didn’t believe that she still remembered my name until I asked her to repeat it again, and she did smiling!!

At that moment I forgot all the hurting scenes I’m facing on a daily basis, and just got the belief again of the need to continue what I’m doing with Gazan children, because being remembered by a 5-year-old child is an indescribable feeling.

The girl who said hi - with the Save the Children doll that made her smile... and remember me?
The girl who said hi - with the Save the Children doll that made her smile... and remember me?

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  • Sahar Salem

    Osama, it is really great feeling I can realize the momentum of which. I always said ” I wish to so something for those people who lost their homes” but you know what, I come to the understanding that it shouldn’t be a matter of wish, I can really do it on the ground, touching the difference that I delivered to those faces provides me with a strong desire and drive to giving and intervention. About your windows, it wouldn’t be a problem any more; summer is behind doors. Best of Luck My Dear Friend and Keep It on.

  • Osama Damo

    Thank you so much Sahar for the comment.
    You are totally right, and regarding windows, it is not a matter anymore as long as I’m working on helping Palestinian children in Gaza through the projects of Save the Children.

  • Yasmeen

    Osama .. it is really great feeling to be remembered by such a girl who still young & still have the life purity … i am sure she did that cuz your help was great and that is her only way to thank you
    but this was enough for you to go on .. they are so many people still need someone like you to help them so Go Ahead !!
    you are lucky to have such a thing which make it worth to do more:)))
    wish you Good Luck my bro.

  • Lynn Harris

    just reading this brings a tear to the eye