A Farewell Blog

This is my farewell blog from Zimbabwe: I am heading back to Wales tomorrow.

I am taking a USAID proposal with me on the plane (7 hour wait in Nairobi so plenty of time to work!). We are trying to get funding for children and young people’s participation in peace-building in Zimbabwe – I can’t think of anything better to be spending my time on.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope to be blogging again! Anna x

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  • Hope you will carry on blogging Anna, you’ve done a really good job and I’ve enjoyed reading about your experiences! We’d like more bloggers in Wales…

  • Great blogging Anna, have really enjoyed reading this. We are looking forward to having you back in the Wales Programme – your shiny new desk is waiting!

  • This place is wonderful, I enjoy what youre doing here. Keep them rolling.