Back home

When i got back home i noticed all the small things that we take for granted and how important they are to people in Mongolia. Clean water, food, showers, shelter, school and even pens and paper! And how big our house is in comparison. Many families are living in tiny rooms below the poverty line, have to share beds and are receiving no education. Even families in complete poverty still seem to remain happy showing that posessions aren’t everything. Im so glad that i’ve had the opportunity to see Mongolia and experience the different culture and traditions. Although its impossible to help everyone in the world many people can still benefit from anything. No matter how little. Seeing some of the things in Mongolia was truly life changing and will encourage me to do alot more to help in the future.

Thankyou so much to everyone that came with us on the trip. Philippa – thankyou for all the organising and everything! We had the most amazing time! The things that you are doing with Save The Children are so inspiring. Keep in touch 🙂

Thanks for everyone that has commented. I’m very grateful for how many people have followed our blogs showing how much you care and have supported us. 🙂

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  • Kath Lipscomb

    Thankyou so much for sharing your trip so vividly with us all – you will have so many amazing memories to carry forward with you.
    REALLY great to have you home safe and sound – see you soon and we are looking forward to seeing all the photos
    Lots of love from Auntie Kath

  • Anita - Your Cousin from America

    I’m glad you and your sister are back home. It sounds like you had an eye-opening and fascinating experience. I have really looked forward to reading both of your blogs, its truly inspiring to hear how much good you, your family and the whole Save the Children Organization is doing to make a difference.

  • Sharon - Save the Children London

    Hello Michaela and Kayleigh
    What a fantastic life experience. Every time you look at your photos you’ll smile and remember exactly what if felt like to be in Mongolia. It’s wonderful that you saw so much and that you feel inspired by the people you met, I’m sure your future will definitely be in the medical profession. Reading about your trip brought a lump to my throat and I’m so glad that we have such modern technology – it allows us all to share your journey and feel a part of it. Well done!

  • Philippa

    Hi Michaela,

    Was lovely to catch up and read your blog after a busy day in the SC office in London.

    It’s so true that it’s so hard to help everyone who needs it, but it’s also true that, together, we can make a HUGE difference to children’s lives around the world. I can’t wait to talk to you and Kayleigh again and find out what you’ve decided to do to raise funds and awareness and I know your friends and family will be so supportive!

    Stay in touch 🙂

    Philippa x

  • Rebecca Tidey

    Welcome home Michaela and thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with us as they were happening. We do look forward to hearing more about the situation in Mongolia and the work being done there. We may get ‘down south’ later in the year so will hopefully hear more then.

    Love Auntie Becs

  • Claudia jones

    Well done to you both and like many have said thankyou for sharing your experiences with us all it really is fascinating and very important, Im glad that you and nana and Grandpa all made it back safely, Lots of love to you and your sister.

    From your cousin claudia

  • Tony - Your other cousin in America

    Michaela and Kayleigh,

    Thank you for writing so beautifully about your experiences in Mongolia. I’m proud of you both for being two young persons who are concerned for the world around them, and who are willing to make a difference.