Giant KitKat’s have arrived!

One of our fundraising initiatives (thought up by Rose and Colin with a little help from a well connected friend!) is to auction off some GIANT KitKats.

These have just arrived in our office and look very impressive indeed! Each one weighs in at 3kg and contains around 15000 calories (around 70 standard bars). Not great if you’re on a diet but technically contains enough energy to keep you going for over a week! They have been specially produced for us by Nestle so a big thank you to them.

We will be advertising these on the internal notice board in Hull with the winning bids announced at the end of the week.

Anyone interested in placing a bid for one of these giants give me a shout.

3kg KitKat!
3kg KitKat!

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  • That’s a pretty decent-sized break. Are they for the general public to bid on? If so, how do they do that? (not that I want to try to consume one of those myself!?!)

  • They are not currently available for the general public to bid on but if anyone would like to contact me to register their interest please email me on the address below. Please include the amount you would like to bid in the subject title.

    This would be great as a novel gift or an exciting treat for a large office to share!

  • Amy morris

    I am shocked that save the children would accept and auction a product from a company such as nestle that promotes formula milk over breastmilk and has contributed to the illness and death of many children in the developing world.

  • Natasha Johnson

    I’m I interested in the giant kit Kat

  • Hi Natasha, thanks for stopping by our blog.The giant KitKat is awesome isn’t it. However this blog was written in 2009 so I’m afraid that they are no longer available.Sorry for any disappointment caused. Yvette