Little Samira’s Recovery


One of our Stabilisation Centre Supervisors told me a truly inspiring success story this week regarding our work up in the North East, and so for this blog I would like to share it with you…

Little Samira is 4 years old and lives with her parents in Koroboshanan, a couple of kilometers away from Elwak town. She is the second born in a family of 3 siblings; her brothers and sisters are alive and well.

Faced with anguish of her child’s deteriorating health conditions (anorexia, weight loss, mouth ulcers, fever and prolonged cough), Samira’s mother thought her daughter’s life was coming to an end. She walked several miles to seek attention from Save the Children’s outreach nutrition services, where a proper referral was made to our stabilisation centre in Wajir.

The day little Samira arrived in Save the Children’s Stabilisation Centre in Wajir she was very sick, too weak to bear therapy and was even unable to retain our therapeutic feeds for the first day, because of an abnormality in her body that was preventing the absorption of food nutrients. Samira’s condition required close supervision by our team there, in order to monitor her progress, her feeding and medications were given to Save the Children’s standards and her clinical improvement was being checked regularly.

Little Samira responded marvelously to Save the Children’s integrated management and recovered well from her long-term illnesses. A smiley and energetic Samira is now ready to go back home to her family and carry on with her life. Save the Children will continue to help Samira’s progress through home-based treatment such as using specially formulated ready to use food, like Plumpynut, for severely malnourished children through our Outpatient Therapeutic Programme.

Save the Children’s team in Wajir have brought hope and a future to the life of this beautiful young girl. This wonderful success story has been passed on to the whole Kenya Programme and it has not failed to inspire every single colleague here. I hope it inspires anyone reading this too.

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  • What a wonedrful story, really apriciate what save the children is doing in saving the life of children there. I hope you will send us more success stories in the future.
    Keep in touch!

  • Stephanie McNicoll

    Thank you for sharing this story Nicola. Children like Samira are so strong and they deserve the best care from us. I really look forward to seeing you soon and hearing more about your work!

  • Hi Nichola,

    It is good to have hands on information regarding the work the charity are doing. Although very challenging I am sure the gratitude of parents and friends is very rewarding.

    I am sure this experience has added a new dimension to your life.

    Safe journey back and hope to catch up soon.

    Hugs and fishes, Magzie xx

  • Takoy

    dear Nichola,

    this is truly an inspiring story to all and more so to those caring for children and less fortunate members. it has really touched me and i acknowledge the good work done by SCUK in north eastern kenya. for Nichola its good experience and achievements. congrats!

  • Dr. mohamed

    job well done