1GOAL: It’s England’s day

11.30am, in half an hour the 1GOAL school bus sets off for the England / USA game.  It won’t be a luxury ride for the next three hours, but it should have character…

Late home last night after a working dinner with our ambassadors and other guests.  Everyone feels we’ve done well this week in getting 1GOAL out there, firmly establishing the campaign in the World Cup orbit, and also getting the word out about the importance of the summit President Zuma is hosting on 7 July. 

All of this noise and profile for 1GOAL is massively important, but it counts for little if leaders don’t come together and agree a real breakthrough for education.  7 July is the big moment for that.

For today though, we get a little time off to enjoy England vs USA.  The 1GOAL staff team going to the game are about 50% Brits, 20% Americans, 30% rest of the world.  So it should be fun. 

Not going to be easy for England – my prediction is a frustrating first half, followed by a sneaky England goal around the 65 minutes mark, then England hang on for a slightly unconvincing 1-0 win that nevertheless banks the three points. 

Whatever happens, you’ll hear the 1GOAL gang trying to drown out the vuvuzelas with our hearty singing…

Meanwhile, for the inside view of the 1GOAL campaign HQ (and more vuvus), here’s my latest vidblog… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfyihaHqLu4

Come on England (1GOAL will do!)

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  • Go Adrian! GOAL!

  • Katy Webley

    I sincerely hope you are not a gambling man, Adrian, or you will be quids down on that UK-US prediction! Good luck with all the 1GOAL activities out there. Some are pushing to ban those vuvus…. so you may be able to shout a little louder!

  • Thanks Katy – happily I didn’t back my dodgy prediction with hard cash! I have to say I sympathise with the anti-vuvu campaign – I want to hear songs and drums, not what one South African columnist described as the sound of “a goat on the way to slaughter”!! But it’s all very exciting and 1GOAL is right in there at the heart of it, so hopefully we can get some good stuff done…