Teleconference with Bill Gates: why he’s investing in vaccines

Tomorrow is a big day for the world’s poorest children. David Cameron is hosting a summit for the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisations that will attempt to fill a $3.7billion funding gap.  They have four hours to save four million lives by funding lifesaving vaccines for the world’s most vulnerable kids.

Today we hosted a phone call for hundreds of supporters with Bill Gates,  Chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Natasha Kaplinsky, Save the Children Ambassador, and Justin Forsyth; our CEO.

Photo credit:Teri Pengilley

Taking questions from around the world -from the US, to India, to the UK- Bill Gates and Justin Forsyth made an emphatic case for why world leaders, philanthropists, big business and ordinary citizens should all be so passionate about the campaign to vaccinate every child against deadly diseases.

Asking supporter’s questions like ‘are the drug companies charging a fair price?’, ‘how can I make a practical difference?’ and ‘what strategies influence world leaders to save millions of children?’ Natasha Kaplinksky also told us about her experience seeing the difference that vaccines were making in India and urged us all to keep the campaign going so that we can save as many children as possible.

You can listen again (or if you missed it live) here:

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Here at Save the Children we’ve been lobbying politicians hard, spreading the word about how vaccines save children’s lives through the media and over 46,000 of you have taken action to get a deal that saves 4 million lives. If you haven’t already, sign our petition.

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  • Rosemare Visser

    Wonderful work with vaccination. I do charity work in a community where vaccinated children are killed daily by drug abuse and -addiction. Don’ stop with vaccination please. We need programmes assisting our government to address the current tsunami of addictions, the things which aggravate drug use, etc!! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Donna Jackson

    The work you are putting in to this project is truly appreciated. I am so grateful that they are people in this world who do what you do with so much passion,and commitment,it is an honor to sign the petition to be a part of progress that will make such a grand difference in humanity.