Supporter of the month: August

This month we want to recognise the efforts of a whole school! Beth from Ribby With Wrea Endowed C E Primary School wanted to raise money for the children in Japan who were affected by the Earthquake and Tsunami.

She came up with the idea of creating a ‘penny picture’ in the shape of the Japanese symbol for hope. Beth drew an outline in the playground with chalk and each class took turns filling in the gaps with pennies. The total raised in the end was £70.00! Here’s Beth with the finished picture:

Beth with the Penny Picture

It really is fantastic when we hear stories of whole schools coming together to support us. We value all our fundraisers but there’s something extra special about lots of people coming together with the joint goal of making a difference to the lives of the children we work with.

As always we would like to say a huge thanks to everyone who has supported us this month. You’re amazing, thank you!

Thanks to the generosity of our amazing supporters, our Japan appeal has now closed. If you would still like to support our work helping children and families in the event of an emergency, it would be fantastic if you would consider donating to our Children’s Emergency Fund.

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  • well done.iam agraduate with advance diploma in public health. would like to work as a volunteer in northern kenya

  • Lisa Lafantaisie

    I will tell my children about this. Children are always willing to help raise funds and awareness for a good koz.
    I am doing bake sale at my work today, and will do every day. Whatever it takes to raise some money for people in need.

    We do not need anything be’koz we are lucky to have jobs and food around…maybe the only thing we do need is the feeling that we are helping people in need.

  • Hi, i would just like to say a massive thank you to Mrs Clements, without her I would not of been able to make the penny picture! Thanks Mrs C!!!