Children talk to us about world issues. “Just because I’m a girl, doesn’t mean I’m weaker.”

By Luke Waterfield, Head of Children’s Campaigns and Poppy Lloyd, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager

Which of the following world issues would you solve, if you could? World peace, education, poverty, the refugee crisis, equality or climate change?

That’s the question we asked 900 children – and their answers might surprise you.

The children and their teachers were at Wembley Arena for the Voice In A Million concert, singing songs to raise awareness about children in care.

We’d been invited to talk about Children United – our children’s movement project we’re running with First News. It will help children learn about – and take action on – the issues they care about, in a safe and positive environment.

Important issues

At the concert, we presented the children with the six different issues and asked them to vote for the one they care about most.

With just one vote each, making a decision wasn’t easy. In fact, lots of children wanted to vote for more than one problem – “they’re all so important!” they told us.

It was great to see how engaged children were. Yes, we brought stickers as an incentive, but even without the added motivation, the children were incredibly eager to talk to us – and each other – about the topics.

Digging deeper

The voting process also prompted deeper conversations with the children about other issues they cared about.

Things like mental health, protecting children from abuse, body confidence and standing up for LGBTQI and human rights around the world.

Some children were focused on global issues…




While others focused on problems closer to home…




It was great to see so much enthusiasm for the project from teachers and children alike.

The next step is to use these results to help shape our Children United website, so that it genuinely reflects what children want to shout about.

Ultimately we want it to become a space where children’s voices can be heard, and where children feel empowered to take action together to change their world


Find out more about Children United.

Thank you to staff from the campaigns team, UK PAC and brand and marketing teams who all helped make this event a success.

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