In pictures: Rescuing more than 200 people at sea

Over the last week, our life-saving ship has rescued more then 200 refugees and migrants making the perilous journey across the Mediterranean sea.

More than 40 of those we rescued were children – the majority of them travelling on their own, with no family to look after them.

Donate now to help us rescue more children at risk of drowning.

Save the children worker on ship.

Our team prepare to start a rescue operation.


Refugee and migrants being rescued at sea

Refugees and migrants who were at risk of drowning are brought on board our ship – the Vos Hestia.


Child protection officer on rescue ship.

Our Child Protection Manager, Viviana, registers a child who has been rescued. 90% of children crossing the Mediterranean are travelling on their own, and are incredibly vulnerable. Viviana helps them get the care they need.


Save the children worker comforts woman.

Miya, our Cultural Mediator on the ship, comforts a woman who has been rescued.


Nurse gives medical attention on the ship.

On board the ship, our nurse Maria provides medical care.


Refugee boy receives medical treatment

As well as medical treatment, we provide food, water, warm clothes and a safe space for children to play and recover from their experiences.


Save the children worker on ship.

Team member Lisa speaks with people who are on board the ship.

We’ve now taken those we rescued to the nearest safe port in Italy, where our teams will make sure that vulnerable children get the help they need.

You can help us be there, at sea, for children when they need us. Donate now.

Some names changed to protect identity.

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  • Kayleigh

    Hello, I am highly interested in volunteer work. Expecially being out at sea saving lives of people from drowning at sea and to be there
    to comfort the families. How do I go about signing myself up to volunteer? Do you really have to be a doctor or nurse to just be just there
    To comfort the traumatised people fleeting from war. Does it take a PHD to take people out from the water or from their cramped boats

  • Hi Kayleigh,

    Thank you for your message and your incredibly kind offer of help. I’ve checked about this with my colleagues. The present crew have come as part of the ship and so they’re not looking to recruit anyone at the moment, however if we do require more help we’ll be advertising here:

    Thanks again for thinking of us, and if there’s anything else we can advise you on please don’t hesitate to contact us.