Campaign Win! Change for little ones on its way


Better nurseries for the poorest children

Breaking news: the government has heard our message – that for big futures, our little ones need great nurseries.

For over a year, we’ve spoken up for young children in England. Because 1 in 3, and half of the poorest, start school behind and many never catch up.

Today, we saw results! The government has just announced plans to boost the number of early years teachers in nurseries – proven to improve children’s early development by 10%.

Now they’re going to work with nurseries to decide how to make this change and focus on helping the poorest children first.

Thank you for everything you’ve done. From signing the petition, to emailing your MP, or attending an event, this is proof that when we come together we can help children in need.

Life chances improved for 35,000 kids

Gareth Jenkins, our Director of UK Poverty, said:“We are delighted that the government has recognised the incredible impact an Early Years Teacher can have on children struggling with basic skills.

If this strategy becomes a reality it could be life-changing for the 35,000 children in disadvantaged areas who, right now, have no access to a graduate teacher. It is in those areas children are most likely to fall behind and suffer a devastating impact on their life chances.

Save the Children and thousands of supporters and parents have been calling for an Early Years Teacher in every nursery in disadvantaged areas. We estimate that will need £65 million in extra funding. This strategy represents an important first step towards that goal – and, if fulfilled, promises to provide essential support for children who need help the most.”

Together, you did this

Thousands of parents, grandparents, and supporters from all across England worked together to make this a reality.

From meeting our MPs about children falling behind in our local areas, to sharing the petition, and even bringing children to parliament to meet the childcare minister, we’ve pulled out all the stops for our little ones.

We know the government cares what the public thinks. That’s why it was so important for this campaign to be led by ordinary people all across the country – including the mums and dads of children at nurseries. Thank you for all your amazing support!


What happens next?

The government have set out their plans to put more early years teachers in nurseries. Now they need to work with nurseries and local councils to make this a reality.

They have committed to making firmer plans for the poorest children by March next year. This solid timeline will help little ones benefit as soon as possible – and help us to hold the government to account.

Time to celebrate!

Without the support of thousands of Save the Children supporters, this change for children may not have happened. Thank you for everything you’ve done to raise the importance of giving our little ones a great start in life. More children should soon benefit from the difference that high quality childcare and early education make!

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  • TJ Holden

    How will Early Years Teachers be funded and why will they remain in the profession when they could train as a Teacher and get paid a lot more (why become a Early Years Teacher when a shop job pays more)?

  • Hi TJ, thanks for reading our blog. Save the Children is calling on the UK government to support the development of a well-qualified nursery workforce. We hope that those who choose to become an Early Years Teacher do so because it is a career path that they wish to pursue, and not because of the numeration packages involved.Yvette

  • Roger Broadbent

    Good news but please insist the teachers are fully qualified early years teachers as. I fear that many politicians see nursery education as play schools which simply allow parents to work

  • Irene Wilkinson|

    Fantastic news! Thank you for taking up this issue and for giving all us who signed the petition, the opportunity to contribute to the success of the campaign. Well done!

  • Thank you, Irene! Laura

  • Roger Elks

    This is a fantastic and much needed campaign. Language development is the key to Early Years work. We would like to help. Elklan CIC nursery staff training will give children five months catch-up in language development compared to their peers over six months. Please could I talk to someone about how we could support more nurseries in the UK. Read: