Al-Muzat School in Hajjah Governorate, Yemen

Step forward for our campaign to hold the Saudi-led coalition to account

On Monday, we handed in our petition – which more than 37,500 of you signed – to the United Nations.

It called on the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, to list the Saudi-led coalition in his annual report on Children in Armed Conflict – alongside all the others who have committed grave violations against children in the dreadful war in Yemen.

UN petition hand in
We hand in our petition to the UN at its headquarters in New York City.

Your power, your campaigning

A draft of the report has now been leaked.

The draft states that the Saudi-led coalition has committed “grave violations” of children’s rights, killing 502 children in Yemen over the past year and injuring a further 838.

This is a very welcome step. It’s vital that the report shines a light on violations committed by all parties to this and every other conflict, without fear or favour.

Even more encouragingly, Mr Gutterres’ Special Representative, Virginia Gamba, has reportedly told top officials that she intends to include the coalition in the list itself.

This is testament to the power of your campaigning. By making a noise about the importance of this issue, you’ve made it impossible for her to reach any other conclusion.

But we’re not there yet

Saudi Arabia and its allies are not alone in killing children in Yemen. But it is the only side not yet to be held to account by the UN. All other perpetrators were listed in last year’s report.

The ball is now in Mr Guterres’ court. We know that at this stage last year, the previous Secretary General pulled his punches at the last minute, taking the coalition off the final list.

If this happens again, it will undermine the entire principle of accountability for violations conducted in war.

Secretary General, do the right thing

This year, we want to see Mr Guterres stand up to political pressure and do the right thing.

Not only for the millions of children whose lives are being devastated in Yemen right now, but for the millions more in wars not yet fought.

These children need an international community prepared to call out violations by whomever, whenever and wherever they occur.

Read more about our work in Yemen.

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  • Paul Tipple

    Please submit these atrocities

  • Michael Nightingale

    I have written to my MP Damian Collins about this and he, of course, reflects the Government’s policy and claims that we adhere to strict rules with respect to selling weapons to Saudi Arabia which is all platitudinous nonsense. Our governments must be taken to task over the immoral thin gs that they have done and are still doing.

  • Hi Michael,thanks for your comment and support. I hope you managed to support our campaign. Yvette

  • Maurice Potton

    The Saudi led backing to Yemen tearing so many refugee childrens lives apart.Prayers that the UN can bring a halt to the Saudi financial in-put.

  • caro elliott

    the only people that benefit from war are those with investments in arms factories, I think these should be named and shamed and their assets removed. They obviously don’t see fellow humans as living sentient people and are on some sort of power trip thinking themselves immune from justice.

  • a.hall

    Saudi Arabia is trying to secure Nazi Germany style “Liebensrum” (elbowroom) by installing Puppet Regimes in Bahrain and Yemen. That seems to be the reason for it`s relentless Bombing Campaign against Fighter and Civilian alike. Human life has no meaning to the Saudi Royal Family, even Women and Children, Famine and Cholera.

  • Mayrose Warner

    Well done for all your efforts. Please keep me posted with your petitions etc. I support Unicef too.

  • Hi Mayrose, thanks for your support. You can keep up to date with all our work and campaigns by signing up on our website at Thanks again Yvette.

  • carmen trotta

    Folks at the Catholic Worker – along with several other peace organizations – have been keeping a weekly vigil since April, in Union Sq. Pk., 11 to 1PM on Saturdays. Is it possible to keep the petitioning going? Could we possibly add more names to the list?
    Save the children indeed.
    Many thanks!

  • Hi Carmen, thanks for your support. You can add your name to this petition telling the UK Government to protect the children in Yemen and suspend the sale of British weapons to Saudia Arabia. The petition can be found at the the following link: . Thanks again, Yvette.

  • Hassan

    Thank you so much for all your efforts and care.

  • Stella Coote

    The Saudi led coalition should be held to account for their actions the Yemen.