Refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

Rohingya Crisis: What’s happening
and how we’re helping

More than 400,000 Rohingya – 60% of them children – are fleeing to Bangladesh following a significant military operation in Myanmar’s Rakhine State.

There have been harrowing reports of civilians – including children – being targeted while fleeing their homes, along with mass killings and systematic burning of villages.

We are shocked and saddened by these reports. Our concern is with the well-being of thousands of Rohingya children who have been affected by this violence.

Malnourished. Homeless. Exhausted.

Rohingya are a stateless people, residing in Rakhine state on Myanmar’s north-west coast. The thousands who have been forced to flee are in desperate need of help. Many are sleeping out in the open, with no shelter.

Our teams are on the ground, helping children and their families who are travelling great distances in search of safety, but we need your support…

We’re on the ground, but more needs to be done

People in northern Rakhine State, Myanmar, don’t have access to food and medical care, and the scale of Rohingya who have recently arrived in the city of Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh, is unprecedented.

This puts a huge stress on local communities and humanitarian agencies. Many are struggling to provide enough food, shelter and other kinds of support.

We need to scale up our response. This means more funding from the international community and the public is needed.

Please donate to our Rohingya Crisis Appeal

What we’re doing to help children

We’ve been working in Cox’s Bazaar since May 2012 providing child protection services to displaced Rohingya, including water and sanitation support and education. There were already thousands who needed our support – now 400,000 Rohingya are in Bangladesh as they flee from Myanmar.

Since 25 August, we’ve stepped up our response and are aiming to help 125,000 newly-arrived Rohingya, including 75,000 children.

We also provide assistance in displaced persons camps, in Sittwe and Pauktaw in central Rakhine State, helping both Rohingya and non-Rohingya peoples.

Children are in desperate need of our help

Children affected have already suffered enormously. Their lives have been turned upside down, many have experienced or witnessed horrific violence. Those who have lost their families to the violence are travelling alone.

The distress and trauma that can arise from these experiences is immeasurable. We need to help – not only with food and shelter, but vital psychological support.

Please help us reach children caught up in the Rohingya crisis – donate to our Rohingya Crisis Appeal today.

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