Gaza prorests: More than 250 children shot with live ammo

Gaza: More than 250
children hit by bullets

Hundreds of children, some as young as eight years old, have been shot by live ammunition in the Gaza protests.

Data collected by the Palestinian Ministry of Health revealed that at least 250 of children injured in the ongoing protests were hit with live bullets.

The border between the Gaza Strip and Israel has been the scene of protests since 30 March, with Palestinians displaced by the conflict 70 years ago calling for the right to return.

The true amount of injuries – and the extent of devastation – could be even greater. But your help could save lives and help the children of Gaza reach their potential.

A situation at breaking point

Through our partners on the ground, Save the Children has reached more than 200 children, including over 125 of those shot with live ammo during the Gaza protests.

Children have been repeatedly shot in the legs, arms and even chest, head, and neck, with dozens of new injuries happening every week.

Yet conditions in hospitals are rapidly deteriorating with children often discharged early to make room for new patients expected to arrive in the next wave of protests.

Gaza Protests: More than 250 children shot with live ammo
Rashed* is a 16-year-old track athlete who had Olympic ambitions but was shot in the leg during protests at the Gaza/Israel border on 30 March. He was taken to hospital but subsequently had to have his leg amputated, as he was not able to get the right care. (* indicates name has been changed to protect identity).

An urgent need for change

The humanitarian situation in Gaza has gone from bad to worse, with almost every aspect of life – from employment, education and electricity to health and sanitation – being negatively impacted.

“Save the Children is deeply concerned at the prospect of further violence and we fear that even more children could be injured or lose their lives,” said Jennifer Moorehead, Country Director for the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

“Children and families are telling our staff that they are losing hope of conditions ever improving in Gaza.

“We’re calling for an urgent lifting of the Israeli blockade that has crippled the economy and for increased donor engagement to alleviate the urgent daily needs of almost two million people in Gaza.”

How you can help

The Gaza protests have caused physical and psychological devastation for children, with many injured or witnessing their parents or loved ones hurt.

The situation is grave and worsening – but you can help.

Save the Children has over 30 years of experience on the ground in Gaza, providing water and sanitation, as well as programs for child protection and psychosocial health, among others.

Your help can make a difference for the children of Gaza – their suffering is a reality but your aid can save lives and help to build a better future.

Make a donation today to support our work in Gaza and around the world.

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  • Kasha Sotgiu de Verny

    I am shocked that the Israeli are in denial about the treatement of Palestinian and entire world keep silent for fear of being labelled as being “ antisemite”
    I am not having any hopes that the situation will improve. With the US pro Israeli politics and the bad reputation of Muslim over the world after the 9/11, the rise of ISIS, the Hamas, the migration crisis- Palestinian are doomed. The world will remain silent to its plight as it remain silent over Syria, Yemen …