baby ali in hospital in yemen suffering with severe malnutrition

Yemen campaign: Make your voice heard

Our Yemen campaign, The Power of Your Pen, will urge the UK government to the international movement of peace so children like Razan* no longer have to grow up in conflict.

Nearly four years has passed since the war began in Yemen. It has claimed the lives of more than 2,500 children.

The brutal conflict between the Houthi, and the government, backed by a Saudi and Emirati-led coalition, has left 22 million people – half of them children – in need of humanitarian assistance.

Schools, homes and hospitals are in ruins, water and food supplies disrupted and there have been mass outbreaks of cholera. Rampant inflation has made meat, fish, medicine and fuel all but out of reach for many families.

How is your support helping?

Thanks to supporters like you, we are currently working in 11 governorates, doing everything from treating malnutrition to running education classes and repairing the sanitation infrastructure. We have brought hope and a glimpse of a better life to hundreds of thousands of children.

We’ve also been making sure our supporters’ voices are heard by the international community, calling for all sides to engage in negotiations to stop the fighting.

The UK government is the “pen holder” at the UN Security Council. This means Karen Pierce, the UK’s ambassador to the UN, has the power to lead the international response to the crisis and steer it towards peace. But for too long, the Government has not gone far enough in using these powers. Instead, the UK has helped fuel the brutal conflict by selling weapons to some of the main parties to the war. Our Yemen campaign calls for that to change.

Join our Yemen campaign

The conflict in Yemen is complicated. But what we’re asking of our Government is simple: The Power of Your Pen could help bring peace for Yemen’s children. Use it now.

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