baby ali in hospital in yemen suffering with severe malnutrition

Yemen campaign: Make your voice heard

Our Yemen campaign, The Power of Your Pen, will urge the UK government to the international movement of peace so children like Razan* no longer have to grow up in conflict.

Nearly four years has passed since the war began in Yemen. It has claimed the lives of more than 2,500 children.

The brutal conflict between the Houthi, and the government, backed by a Saudi and Emirati-led coalition, has left 22 million people – half of them children – in need of humanitarian assistance.

Schools, homes and hospitals are in ruins, water and food supplies disrupted and there have been mass outbreaks of cholera. Rampant inflation has made meat, fish, medicine and fuel all but out of reach for many families.

How is your support helping?

Thanks to supporters like you, we are currently working in 11 governorates, doing everything from treating malnutrition to running education classes and repairing the sanitation infrastructure. We have brought hope and a glimpse of a better life to hundreds of thousands of children.

We’ve also been making sure our supporters’ voices are heard by the international community, calling for all sides to engage in negotiations to stop the fighting.

The UK government is the “pen holder” at the UN Security Council. This means Karen Pierce, the UK’s ambassador to the UN, has the power to lead the international response to the crisis and steer it towards peace. But for too long, the Government has not gone far enough in using these powers. Instead, the UK has helped fuel the brutal conflict by selling weapons to some of the main parties to the war. Our Yemen campaign calls for that to change.

Join our Yemen campaign

The conflict in Yemen is complicated. But what we’re asking of our Government is simple: The Power of Your Pen could help bring peace for Yemen’s children. Use it now.

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  • George Purdy

    Children are the future generations

  • Maria Thorne

    It breaks my heart to see children suffer lets end this and bring peace to these children and their families . Bless all of you for your hard work

  • Susan Merrick

    I would like peace for these poor children in Yemen.

  • Robert Sandall

    Stop the war – save the children and their parents!

  • Lee Gordon

    It is too sad to think of today’s children in Yemen never being given a chance of life, and only being shown a harsh example of behaviour due to constant warfare and bitterness.

    Give them a chance to find a decent life for each other

  • Neil Wilson

    This is not war. This is devastation!

  • Katharine Cooke

    As far as the news tells us this dreadful conflict is nowhere near resolution. The supply of weapons from this country only helps to prolong the suffering especially of the children who have no part to play in the fighting much less the decision process which promotes it. Britain needs to stand up and say this is not acceptable.

  • sandra jones

    No matter how much money we donate to these countries nothing will change until their governments are held to account. The divide between the destitute and the obscenely rich is enormous

  • Arthur Kincaid

    Peace in Yemen is absolutely vital. Children are suffering most. PLEASE do everything you possibly can to bring this war to a close.

  • Ibrar Hamid

    Let us benefit mankind & avoid harming mankind

  • David

    I would urge our government to reconsider its moral stance on arms sales to countries like Saudi Arabia.The humanitarian crisis in Yemen, like several others, is enabled by this immoral trade.

  • Helena Henry

    Please help to bring peace to Yemen. In Jesus name God Bless xx

  • Angela Davies

    Please help peace come now to this country, no more supplying weapons

  • Fozia

    The war in Yemen should end as soon as possible. I believe more needs to be done on both sides, in order for there to be peace. The countries and charities should aim to stop the suffering of children, women and men from the war and famine, and provide the basic necessities for the survival of Yemen’s citizens.

  • Ivan Miknic

    For piece and justice in Yemen

  • Gina Cooper

    End the war in Yemen and save a generation.

  • Eileen Tomlin

    The UK government should not be supporting organisations or rebel groups anywhere who are killing and injuring ordinary people indiscriminately and should not be selling weapons to these groups. Britain should be leading the way in promoting the end of fighting and in bringing together warring factions to try to create a peaceful society in all places. Especially we should lead the world in promoting the rights of families, children and elderly people to live in peace and to prosper in a stable society.

  • Ramesh D Mistry

    Please help to stop this unnecessary war in Yemen where innocent people are caught up in this conflict and starvation of millions of people including innocent children who have done nothing wrong. Children are our future so help to end this war.

  • Craig Roche

    I find it repugnant and shameful that we allow our government to sell, or give arms to conflict areas around the world. No economic, political, or ideological

  • Craig Roche

    No arms to conflict areas. Its repugnant and shameful.
    Laws on arms dealing should be stricter and rigorously enforced.
    The way drug dealing is.
    They are both killers of innocent children.

    Not in my name thank you.

  • Jo Glynn

    I think it’s terrible that children have to suffer because all the UK government care about is lining there own pockets bye selling weapons that cause it in the first place

  • Debbi Pilkington

    Please stop fighting. The world would be such a wonderful place if it was united in peace not battling in war.

  • Ethna Newman

    Please use the uk government’s power to help stop the conflict in the Yemen and help bring about peace. Thank you

  • Brian Livingstone

    Save The Children – May The Force be with you in helping children embroiled in this conflict and may it soon come to an end.

  • Catherine Anakaa

    As a teacher and Principal I want my voice heard as Save the Children strives to make a peaceful , just and happy world for ALL children and an end to greedy, hateful war where no one wins and the most innocent and vulnerable are the targets. Enough is enough. Has history taught us nothing!!!

  • Marc Harries


  • Elaine Sparey

    It is shocking to hear that war has raged in Yemen for 4 years and so many innocent children and women have died and are dying daily.
    When wil the UK use its position in the UN security council to start a meaningfull debate and bring an end to this devastating conflict ?

  • Eve Bass

    Children have no voice most times but we have so let us use it to help, good and be nice to each other, we are all here for a very short limited time.

  • Dr David Sellick

    Thank you for all the excellent work Save the Children is doing in the Yemen and the pressure Save the Children is exerting at our government level and internationally.

  • Dorothy Odonnell

    I pray God will do mighty works through your wonderful work

  • patrick kwong

    Please make sure that the UK takes a lead on relieving the struggles and plight of the civilian population by resolving to act with compassion and conviction for what is right for the ordinary people

  • edward alan rigby

    Please stop this continual slaughter and the suffering caused to children by this
    horrible war