Qasim* was displaced from Sa'ada, in the far north of Yemen, along with his father, mother and nine siblings

Naming and Shaming Those Who Hurt Children in War

Every year the Secretary General of the United Nations publishes a ‘list of shame’ of Governments, armed forces, and groups who commit grave violations against children in war anywhere in the world. This list is known as the Children in Armed Conflict Report.

And every year, powerful countries like Saudi Arabia use their influence to try and avoid being named.

Yemen’s Children in Conflict

One of the worst conflicts in the world today is happening in Yemen, where the Saudi and Emirati-led Coalition has been attacking schools and hospitals- putting children’s lives and education in danger- and trying to get away with it by using their influence to get their name off the list.

The Children in Armed Conflict Report sends a signal to the world that these people are harming children- and makes sure the UN can take action to prevent them from doing more damage to children in places like Yemen in the future.

Calling for a Complete List

In May this year, a coalition of 21 humanitarian and human rights NGOs sent a letter to the Secretary General asking him to ensure he published a complete list, based only on evidence.

This week, we’re trying to shine a public spotlight on the importance of the list, and make sure that all relevant perpetrators, like the Saudi and Emirati-led Coalition, are included.

How Can I help?

You can help support the Secretary General to withstand the undue pressure he may receive in the run up to the publication of this year’s list.

Share the letter online, and make sure that the Secretary General knows he has public support for listing all perpetrators, and make sure that everyone who commits these Grave Violations against children are named and shamed.

Together we can send a clear message: no one is too powerful to get away with harming children.

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  • Emilia

    Every child deserves peace!!!!!!!!!

  • AnthonyMcPhail

    You have my support to name those who damage civilians, particularly children in violent acts of war. This abominable crime against humanity is practically inexplicable. They who perpetrate such offences must be exposed and their actions cannot be ignored. Please mention the Israeli oppression in Palestine where children have been killed in deliberate bombing of civilians as well as the daily routine of degradation and humiliation they have to endure. I think also of The Saudi war in Yemen and the presence of Indian troops in Kashmir. These crimes against humanity must be exposed and people made aware of the outrageous immorality of politicians who design and authorise such schemes.

  • Margaret Wootton

    I am appalled to think that Yemini children in their schools, and also the hospitals, are being targeted by the forces of the Saudi and Emirati-led Coalition. Such nations should be named and shamed. They are a disgrace to humanity.