Use your power to influence Parliament: Bring British children back home now!

Our government has the power to bring British children back home and we all have the power to shape and influence government policy through contacting our Members of Parliament (MPs). Your MP is elected to represent your interests and can help to influence the UK government and Parliament in many ways, for example ensuring British children trapped in Syria’s camps can be repatriated to the UK, so they can have the best chance to recover.

Calling your MP may seem daunting but it’s actually pretty easy and a powerful way to help make change happen quickly.

See our quick guide below – it will only take 5 mins!

How to call your MP – Quick guide:

Find out who your MP is

Go to and enter your postcode

Phone your MP

Phone the House of Commons switchboard on 020 7219 3000 and ask for your MP by name. They will put you through to a staff member in your MP’s office (if you are put through an answering machine, you can also leave a voicemail).

Tell them what you stand up for

Your voice is real, honest and powerful so we encourage you to tell your MP to bring British children back home to the UK in your own words. But we’ve prepared a little script below in case you don’t know what to say.

  • Hello [name of MP]. I live in [name of constituency] *Feel free to personalise your introduction with your age, occupation, family situation etc.
  •  I want you to contact the foreign secretary and demand for all British children trapped in Syria to be urgently repatriated to the UK
  • I’m using my voice, so you can use yours. Do the right thing [name of MP] and back the repatriation of British children in Syria to the UK.

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  • Deborah Adams

    I believe these children should come home

  • Ryan Tune

    Hi, I want to raise the awareness to bring the British children home to the United Kingdom one and for all.

  • Ageliki Politis

    I would like to help the Syrian orfans and adopt some of the children back in Wales. Please can you let me know how I can be involved with helping Syrian child come back to Britain to live a more normal life and to be cared for by myself

  • Hi Angeliki, thank you so much for your kind offer. At the moment our call is to repatriate these children. We are in constant conversation with agencies in Syria who are working on these issues and we would work with specialised UK agencies who are best placed to provide the help and support these children’s need in these circumstances. Best wishes, Sarah

  • Lorraine Batchelor

    You are all in a position to get our British children out of that war zone so we don’t care how you have to do it or whatever you have to do to make this happen but please do it , don’t allow our children to be left amongst these animals bring them home.
    I am seeing illegal immigrants grown men and women brought to where I stay living in warm rooms and being fed daily 3 meals a day and our own children are over there suffering . Absolutely disgusting . Do something and act quickly . Thank you . L. Batchelor .

  • Sarah Elliott

    Let’s show some compassion and humanity.

  • Nicola Dalton

    Please help bring back all British children trapped in Syria and see them repatriated in the UK as quickly as possible.