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6 simple tips to make 2020 an even better year

Inspired by the wisdom of children, here are 6 simple tips we can all live by to make 2020 an even better year. Presenting our Janifesto 2020:

1. Stay Generous

Patrick* took part in our creative workshops in a refugee camp in Uganda, where he lives. When war broke out in South Sudan, Patrick had to leave everything behind. But this beaming boy shows that you don’t need much to give a lot. “Kindness is the most important value, and to be hardworking. You need friends to help each other. I help my friends by sharing things.”

Inspired by Patrick? Why not give your time and volunteer?


2. Love yourself

Ruba* attends our resilience-building sessions in Gaza, where she’s growing up. The conflict makes even leaving the house scary and can have a big impact on children’s confidence. It’s a complicated situation, but for Ruba, some things are simple: “All children should love, not hate themselves.”



3. See Beauty

Alleh loves everything about her nursery – especially drawing pictures. She reminds us that while everyone’s unique, there are some things we all share: “I’m going to draw a gingerbread man… He’s smiling like me.”

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4. Get Creative

Faisal* attends our early learning centre in Za’atari refugee camp. It’s a safe space where he can learn and get on with the serious business of having fun; bashing his tambourine, building forts, or coming up with his next epic story: “Once upon a time, there was a father rabbit and a mother rabbit, and they had babies. The end. The other story is about two turtles, a mother and a father. And three baby turtles, and one of them wears make-up.”

5. Step up

When Maisie* learned to weld at our youth livelihoods programme, a few eyebrows were raised. She ignored them – now she’s setting an example for the next generation: “It’s a source of pride for my whole family that I am one of only two welding girls in the community. Hopefully more will join next year.”

Be like Maisie: Take on a personal challenge this year


6. Be Bolder

Hiba* fled bombs in Syria and made the long journey to safety in Jordan. Now she’s on a mission to end child marriage – going against centuries of tradition and challenging the older generation. Is she phased? “We will fight the world to stop it,” says Hiba. “Any man can teach his daughter what to do and what not to do. And at some point, it will be his turn to listen to me.”

Follow Hiba’s example and speak out for children

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*Names changed to protect identity

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  • John Paul Marsh


  • John Folwell

    Very inspiring young people. They are the future, our generation could look and learn from these young children. Keep going much love and respect x

  • Susan Gilchrist

    Very good!

  • Jude Anani Gomes

    This is Amazing

  • Dagna Horner

    You have cheered me up! Everything looked so gloomy but I can see that there is hope even where you least expect it.

  • Jackie Butcher

    “Out of the mouths of babes” has never been more true. With young people like this the future seems more promising. They can teach the “grown ups” a lot!!

  • Rugmeet

    God bless all the children😘😘😘

  • Eve Bass

    Very inspiring coming from young ones wish I had that when I was young, I did a lot of giving though!

  • Winifred

    I feel great listening to young children bringing smiles on the faces of other children and I am a part of these great organization. Thanks to all those lovely children.

  • Teklai Ezghihaye

    You feel there is a bright future with these inspiring children’s tips!!! We have the responsibility to lay down the foundations for them!!!

  • Diarmuid Hanley

    This lifted my whole spirit to see these beautiful faces of these children. Their words are pure inspiration for everyone..they give out love and courage and there are many people and children in this country could learn a lot from them.. Children like this make me feel proud to be human and give me hope and conviction that we can make this a better world for everyone.. Diarmuid


    Good to know they are able to be involved